Akhand Path

May 12, 2015 at 12:22 pm

We write to invite you all to join us in taking part in the Akhand Path celebrating the birthday of Maharaja Jassa Singh Ramgarhia at Ramgarhia Sabha Southall, Oswald Road. Many of you already know of the work to develop a new sports and social club at the Durdan’s Park site and that we are soon to begin construction. We would love to share details with you at the Akhand Path and also to inform you that we run a sports tournament every year in the second weekend of August.

Please bring your family to this auspicious occasion from Friday 29th through to 31st May 2015 and feel free to forward the invitation to your family and friends. It is also an opportunity to let you know that the RSSC’s contribution to the Akhand Path is £1,000. Many of us within the RSSC project team have already generously donated funds towards this function to cover the cost, and you are free to pledge your funding support. Any donation will be appreciated, however small it may be. You can direct your donation to any senior member representative of RSSC at the Akhand Path.

We look forward to welcoming you and your families and friends in joining us to gain Guru Ji’s blessings.