After seven years of successfully running Ramgarhia Cricket Club (RCC) Parmer Flora announced his retirement as Club Manager and 1st Team Captain in 2012, maintaining the integrity and achievements of his predecessor, Ash Sahans.

Prior to Parmer joining, RCC had a commendable record within the Middlesex Premier Cricket League (MPCL), winning several accolades and trophies.

However to alleviate the pressures of a competitive league, RCC entered a friendly format league. As more young players were introduced, the club found that the best way to develop their cricketing skills was with more match practice. With the pressures of the league removed it allowed the senior players to step back and help coach and develop the next generation.

Parmer’s primary vision supported by the management team was to re-introduce cricket at grass root levels, to actively promote the wellbeing and benefits of the sport within the community, and to encourage enthusiastic supporters of the game to become affiliated coaches. Thus ensuring RCC has a foundation and flow of local talent that can be nurtured and developed as they come up through the ranks.

Although retired, Parmer is still heavily involved in conjunction with the management team to deliver directives set-up by Middlesex County Board in assisting in the development plan that continues to strive and endorse the growth of a strong colts division – which will ultimately lead to the re-introduction back to competitive cricket through all the age groups and raise our club profile.

With Parmer’s retirement, Gurpal Virdee has stepped in as Club Manager and 1st Team Captain – with a great start to the season – 3 wins and only 1 loss. Unfortunately the real winner so far has been the British weather. However, the players are confident and fully committed that their Captain will lead them to another successful season.

RCC is well established and is an evolving club with a diverse group of members from colts to seniors. The management & coaching staff are always striving to promote cricket amongst the community and welcome all ages and standards.

For further information contact Parmer Flora on or 07957 315 408. Alternatively contact Gurpal Virdee on or 07764 840 675.

You can also visit the Cricket club website by clicking here.

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