This season at the football club was an eventful one. Many of our members who would be living far out at University sadly had to leave the club until training in the summer, nevertheless we retained numerous members along with many new faces which helped drive through an improvement in the playing standards of the squad. The age range and varying experience of the players made the atmosphere in the club a progressive one; many of our players have represented under 18s of established clubs across the borough. That coupled with the eagerness of some of the younger players ensures that the older players are kept on their toes and at the same time, the older players have a positive and calming influence on the youngsters.

On the back of the Maharaja Jassa Singh tournament we have engaged in many games with other teams in the community and have forged good links with many Southall clubs. Whilst it appeared that the absence of many core members might have had an impact on the team’s drive, we are still able to muster at least two squads for the upcoming tournament and seek to improve on the final spot that has always eluded us.

The ethos of the club, which is to work with each other in a passing-driven and emphasis on carrying each other, has remained constant and will hopefully prove to be as useful next season as some of our games in the past. Next season is perhaps the most ambitious one. We are aiming to increase the size and diversity of ages in our squad, making use of the coaching experience of many of the players and providing mentors for youngsters, thus giving them the opportunity to reach their goals and excel at Football.

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